Boat Rentals at Florence Lake

What could be better than having control of an entire boat?
Well, control of your own life would be nice. But, barring that possiblity, how ’bout this? Come up to Florence Lake, rent a boat from us, get in with your buddies, spouse, family…whatever. Then start having some fun!

The Top Ten Benefits of Being in Control of a Boat

More than the promise of challenging fishing awaits the user of one of our rental boats. Just imagine:

10. The heady smell of a solid aluminum vessel that goes where you point it.
9. Being able to say, “The smoking lamp is lit.”
8. Navigating by the stars.
7. Finding out for yourself if the earth really is round.
6. Discovering, exploring and laying claim to new campsites.
5. Wearing a cap with gold braid on the bill.
4. Determining who among your crew should be made to walk the plank (bring your own plank).
3. Learning and using new terms. “Ahoy, matey. Any landlubbers’ skivvies athwart my bowsprit?”
2. Signaling passing vessels with semaphore flags. Forgot your flags? Use your skivvies.

And finally, The Number One Benefit of Being in Control of a Boat: As master of the vessel, you can marry people! (Validity may not be recognized off the boat, however.)

Frequently asked:

What kind of boats do you rent?
We have Gregor aluminum fishing boats. As you may know, Gregor is known for the high quality of their welded construction. Each boat is about 15 feet long, seats six normal people (or three weird people), has an Evinrude or Yamaha 4-Stroke outboard motor, and floats really well.

How much do I have to pay and what do I get for my money?
For a day-long rental (dawn to dusk) we charge $90. This includes the gas, oars, bailing bucket, and either flotation cushions or life jackets. Such a deal.

Can I rent a boat for more than one day at a time? Like for a week? And if I do, is there a special reduced rate?
Yes. Yes. And Yes.

Okay, smarty, how much reduced?
The first three (3) days are $95. Fourth day, $65. All other days, $60. Until the End Of Time.

Do the reduced-rate days include fuel?
Of course.

Do I need a reservation?
Reservations are recommended on heavy-use weekends, such as Independence Day (July 4th). Also if you need the boat for more than one day, or need multiple boats. Otherwise, we usually have a boat available without a reservation. Send us email to reserve the boat. If the date you want is available, we’ll send you a response and ask for the first day’s rental to confirm your reservation. You can pay for your reservation with a credit card (see below). When your credit card bill comes to you, please remember that your payment will be shown as being to Muir Trail Ranch, not Florence Lake.

If I don’t show up after reserving a boat, is there hard time?
You betcha. If you don’t show up to get your boat, we will take the first day’s rent out of your deposit. We can either hold onto the rest of the deposit so you can use it later, or we can refund it if we can remember where it came from and who you are. Otherwise, who knows? It may just disappear. Send us a communication by email or letter to tell us what you want to do.

Is there a half-day rate?

All right, HOW MUCH?
$70. A half day is from 8 am to 1pm, or 1pm to 6 pm. It’s up to you.

What if the fish aren’t biting? Do I get my money back?
No. We’re not responsible for uncooperative fish. Ask the game warden.

Are there any questions you haven’t answered?
Probably. Contact us by email and we’ll fire off an answer ASAP.