Fishing in and Around Florence Lake

If you know how to fish, this is your lake! If you don’t, well, don’t say we didn’t warn you.
The old timers who know their craft can name the size and number of fish they want, then catch them. We have seen some people catch their limits in an hour.

Big fish, pan-size, whatever they want. Then there are the rest of us….

Every decade or so the fish planting plane swoops down and dumps in a few thousand fingerlings. The ones that don’t get eaten immediately grow up as wild fish. And they’re wary; they’re not easily fooled. As a result, they tend to get big, old, and smart. They like to play games such as stealing the bait off your hook.

We can get you started
If you need a boat, we have them. Or if you need to be taken to where the river comes in, we can get you there on the ferry if the water level is high enough.

If you need some lures, flies, leader, and so on, we probably have just what you need in the store. We stock the things that work.

Here’s an old news flash from the Lake:

Florence Lake, California--After suffering a traumatic incident over 65 years ago, fisherman Bert “Gordo” Lardo is on the road to recovery here at Florence Lake. Bert was serving aboard the USS Gedunk, a snack supply vessel, when it was blown to smithereens by an enemy torpedo in the Pacific during World War II.

“A lot of good snack food went down,” relates Bert with sadness. “Cokes, Twinkies, Fritos--you name it, we had it. Tons of it.”.

“We were bobbing around like corks,” Bert said with a laugh. “We weren’t gonna drown, that’s for sure. Our only worry was whether we could be lifted out of the water.”

Rescue was swift though, since a companion vessel, the repair ship USS Goodwrench was close at hand. Bert and his shipmates were heaved aboard and miraculously no lives were lost.

“I’d been shore fishing ever since,” he explained.

Bert is just now getting his courage up to venturing into deep water again. By coming to Florence Lake and renting a fishing boat, he is slowly getting his nerve back by cruising near arch 53, the deepest part of the lake.

“I know it’s only 150 feet deep there,” Bert mumbled through a mouthful of potato chips. “But hey, you gotta start somewhere. I was in some water that was twenty, thirty thousand feet deep. Scary stuff. It takes time.”

After taking showers only for well over five decades, Bert started his rehabilitation a few years ago by taking shallow baths. Finally he got to the stage where he was able to fill the bathtub nearly to the top. “And once I even ducked my head under for a couple of seconds,” he exclaimed proudly between gnaws on a Teriyaki Jumbo Jerk.

It’s not likely Bert will be ducking his head in Florence Lake, though, since the water is too cold.