Hiking Adventures in and Around Florence Lake

Hiking is Good for the Soul!
There are miles of hiking trains in and around the Florence Lake region. Always wear comfortable clothes, wear a hat and maybe a bandana. Have screen and plenty of water, plus a few snacks for extra energy. A good walking stick is a really good tool for the trail. Best to hit the trail with someone else.

Getting to the John Muir Trail
Our ferry boat travels on the lake from approximately June 1st to October 1st depending on the back country snow conditions. When you arrive at Florence Lake via the Kaiser Pass Road, you can park in the large paved parking lot above the store. (The store parking lot is for short-term use only.) Purchase your ticket in the Store.

If you are approaching Florence Lake from the trail, use the radiotelephone at the end of the lake to call the Store. We’ll send a boat for you at the next scheduled time. You can purchase your ticket when you arrive at the Store end of the lake.

There are two locations in the region that through hikers can arrange for a resupply package. One is at Vermilion Valley Resort at Edison Lake and the other is at Muir Trail Ranch.