Plan to Resupply at VVR

PCT/JMT Resupply Service at VVR
ALERT, Effective June 1 2020 we are asking people to Track their boxes/buckets to either the Post Office for mail; or China Peak Landing for Fed-X/ UPS. If you have confirmation that is has been delivered then it is in the queue to be brought up to VVR.

First Day to pick up a resupply was May 20th 2020
Last day to pick up a resupply will be October 20, 2020

Help us reduce your cost by following the simple instructions below. Please understand that not following the instructions could result in additional charges, or worse - your resupply being returned!

The preferred method for sending your resupply is UPS.
The address is: Vermilion Valley Resort™ - c/o China Peak Landing - 62311 Huntington Lake Road -Lakeshore, Ca. 93634 Note: Any mail sent via the US Postal Service to China Peak Landing will be promptly returned! We are serious when we say United Parcel Service (UPS) ONLY!

Under no circumstances are you to call China Peak Landing (formerly Rancheria), The Post Office or VVR to check on your resupply.

Our warehouse lease was threatened at China Peak Landing because people were calling them looking for their box. They do not have access to your resupply. If you do call they will capture your name give it to us and we will add a penalty charge of $25 to your pick-up fee.

For packages sent via U.S. Mail ONLY:
Your NAME - c/o VVR - General Delivery - Lakeshore, California 93634 If you follow the instructions provided above. your package will be picked up by VVR personnel and kept at VVR. Failure to follow the instructions may result in a $10 surcharge being assessed for every package not in compliance. (This is why we highly recommend sending via UPS or Fed-X to China Peak Landing).

Please don't forget to place your name and estimated date of arrival on all four sides of the resupply package! *We HIGHLY recommend using the Priority Mail boxes - they are available for a flat rate, and can be bounced (forwarded) or returned at no addition postage cost.

If you follow our directions and timeline your resupply will be here. If you don’t follow our directions then it is on you if your resupply did not arrive and get processed on time. Thank you to all the hikers who get it and do it correctly.

There is normally no need to send fuel in your resupply. We carry the most common fuel canisters as well as alcohol and white gas in the VVR store. If you have an unusual fuel canisters, or one sold outside the United States, please call VVR at 559-259-4000 to ensure we have the canister or fuel you need.

Packaging Rules
Packages are limited to 25 pounds each. ($10.00 surcharge for overweight boxes)
Your name and Estimated Arrival Date must be clearly visible on 4 sides of your package.
You may use either a box, or a bucket to send your package, as long as it doesn't exceed 25 pounds.

Resupply Handling Fees
There is a $30 fee for pickup and storage of each package, collected at the end of your visit. (June - October)
We accept credit cards or cash, payable when you pick-up your resupply.
The fee for Packages scheduled for a May pick up is $50 the October PIck-Up fee is $50
There is a $12 charge PLUS postage per item to mail packages of excess items home from VVR.
Your unclaimed package can be returned to you for $35 plus any postage. Simply call us with a credit card number, or send a check to cover the fees.