The Ferry Service and Store are Available for Sale

Ideal Family Business Opportunity
Florence Ferry Service and Store comprise an iconic seasonal lakefront facility located in the high country of the Southern Sierra Nevada Mountains, (Sierra National Forest, John Muir Wilderness) 80 miles northeast of Fresno, CA.

For over 70 years, our family owned business has served the public by providing a very needed service: namely, the saving of a lot of hiking effort! Many of the ferry passengers are backpackers heading up to the Pacific Crest Trail (the John Muir Trail portion of the PCT is near here). Others are headed in for a lot of fun at the Muir Trail Ranch. And still others are campers looking for the ideal getaway spot somewhere near the lake.

Lots of fishermen have been coming to Florence Lake since they were kids and now bring their grandchildren with them. They rent a boat and hit the lake to terrorize the trout. The store provides visitors essentials they have forgotten to bring with them as well as lots of snacks and cold drinks.

The facility is operated under a Special Use Permit issued by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, U.S. Forest Service. The seller is selling the personal property and all the business holdings which are located on U.S.F.S. land, This includes all buildings, boats, equipment, inventory and other assets and improvements. Any buyer must be approved by the U.S.F.S. in order to obtain a new 20-year permit. It is recommended that any expansion plan be incorporated into this new permit.

The typical season is May through October, depending on snow conditions and weather.

This facility is completely off the grid. Electricity is created by generators, water is from a well on property, and sewage is distributed via septic systems. Communication is via a state of the art satellite system and includes telephone, internet, credit card processing, and WIFI service to customers. Florence Lake Ferry Service and Store has an aged Domain name and its website is very actively followed by the public and its customers.

If interested, please fill out This Information Request and we will contact you regarding all the particulars.